Proxmox VE differential backups

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Proxmox VE is a complete virtualization management solution for servers. You can virtualize even the most demanding application workloads running on Linux and Windows Servers. Checkout their page:

Due to lack of better backup functionality I prepared patches to support differential backups in Proxmox VE. These patches are in use for over a year.

Currently supported versions are 3.4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0.

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iOS Class Guard

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Today at Polidea we released iOS-Class-Guard a command-line utility for obfuscating Objective-C classes, protocols, properties and method names. The utility generates a symbol table which is then included during compilation. It effectively hides most of class, protocol, method, property and i-var names.

First version I built back in 2013's completely in BASH. What's interesting, is that it was only 274 lines long. This is the second release, rewritten completely from scratch as an extension for class-dump.

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Dokku Alternative

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You probably heard about Docker. It's pretty innovative piece of technology which completely changes how we think about virtualization. One of the project taking full from Docker is Dokku the Docker powered mini-Heroku. It makes very easy to manage and deploy applications and websites on own servers.

Dokku Alternative aims to provide complete solution to run on own server. Dokku Alternative has plugins covering most of use-cases which are stable and well tested.

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